Bernhard Keimer

Max Planck Institute, Germany

Control of collective quantum phenomena in metal-oxide superlattices
Abstract No. : PL_05
Date & Time : Dec. 8 (Tue), 16:30-17:15
Place : Ballroom 1
Name : Bernhard Keimer
Affiliation : MPI (Max Planck Institute)
Chair : Hyeonsik Cheong (Sogang Univ.)
A grand challenge in the field of correlated-electron physics is the transition from conceptual understanding of collective ordering phenomena to their control and design. We will outline recent results of an experimental program designed to meet this challenge through the synthesis and characterization of metal-oxide superlattices, with particular emphasis on copper [1,2] and nickel [3-7] oxides. We will show how polarized photon-basedmethods such as resonant x-ray scattering and Raman scattering can be used to obtain a comprehensive description of the electron system in metal-oxide superlattices, and outline perspectives for control of the phase behavior of correlated electrons in these structures by modifying the occupation of transition metal d-orbitals, the dimensionality of the electron system, and the electron-phonon interaction.

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