Michael Thewalt

Simon Fraser University, Canada

The remarkable properties of 28Si - a ‘semiconductor vacuum’
Abstract No. : PL_04
Date & Time : Dec. 8 (Tue), 15:45-16:30
Place : Ballroom 1
Name : Michael Thewalt
Affiliation : Simon Fraser Univ.
Chair : Hyeonsik Cheong (Sogang Univ.)
Silicon devices are the basis for our electronics, communications and information technologies, and silicon has provided the test-bed for the development of much of semiconductor physics, so it may seem surprising that anything really new can be learned about silicon. Nevertheless, we have spent the past 10+ years investigating the remarkable optical properties of highly isotopically enriched 28Si, which I will show is a unique new material that can been likened to a ‘semiconductor vacuum’. I will describe some of the surprising discoveries that have resulted from the availability of 28Si, with special emphasis on measurements and applications in the field of semiconductor-based quantum information.