Mark Brongersma

Standford University, USA

Device Applications of Metafilms and Metasurfaces
Abstract No. : PL_03
Date & Time : Dec. 8 (Tue), 10:00-10:45
Place : Ballroom 1
Name : Mark Brongersma
Affiliation : Stanford University
Chair : Young Hee Lee (SungKyunKwan Univ.)
Many conventional optoelectronic devices consist of thin, stacked films of metal and semiconductor materials. In this presentation, I will demonstrate how one can improve the performance of such devices by judiciously nano-patterning the constituent layers at length scales below the wavelength of light. The resulting metafilms and metasurfaces can display optical transmission, absorption, reflection, and refraction properties of light that are substantially altered from uniform films. Their successful design relies on our well-established knowledge of the optical response of resonant response of nanoscale semiconductor and metallic building blocks. I illustrate these points, by showing how nanopatterned metal and semiconductor layers can be used to enhance the performance of solar cells, photodetectors, and enable new imaging technologies.