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About Jeju

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Jeju is the biggest island and it is one of the most famous destinations in Korea. Jeju was formed by a volcano eruption. It has a mild oceanic climate throughout the year with the smallest annual temperature range in the country. The temperature for the hottest summer months averages no more than 34.7℃ and no less than -1.5℃ or winter. The annual average amount of rainfall on Jeju is relatively high, compared with those of other places on the same latitude of the earth. About 43% of the annual rainfalls are reported in June, July and August. Jeju has a nickname that is Samdado which means that the island has three things in abundance. Those three things are Seokda (rocks), Pungda (wind), and Yeoda (women). Relatively isolated from the rest of the world, the island’s nature has been well preserved in its prehistoric state. Jeju’s natural environment has been preserved as best as possible.
The fantastically shaped rocks, decorating the seashores, the hundreds of Oreums(secondary volcanos) and the rarest species of flora around the Baekrok-dam lake. All treasures waiting to be discovered by visitors.

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