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Plenary Speakers

Name Affiliation Title
1 Gabriel Aeppli London Center for Nanotechnology, Univ. College London, U.K. Silicon for the 21st century
2 Sang-Wook Cheong Rutgers Univ., U.S.A. Multiferroic vortices: arrested Kosterlitz-Thouless order
3 Charles M. Lieber Harvard Univ., U.S.A. Semiconductor Nanowires: A Platform for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
4 David A. Ritchie Univ. of Cambridge, U.K. The physics and technology of semiconductor quantum devices
5 Eiji Saitoh Tohoku Univ., Japan Spin current physics and application
6 Ching W. Tang Univ. of Rochester, U.S.A. Progress in organic heterojunction devices

Invited Speakers

Spin & Magnetism
Name Affiliation Title
1 Sung-Lae Cho Univ. of Ulsan, Korea Strain vs Magnetism
2 Peter Fischer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, U.S.A. Magnetic Soft X-Ray Microscopy: A Path Towards Imaging Magnetism Down To Fundamental Length And Time Scales
3 Sang-Koog Kim Seoul National Univ., Korea Vortex-gyration mediated energy tranfer and its application
4 Byoung-Chul Min KIST, Korea L10 materials for perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions
5 Byong-Guk Park Hitachi-Cambridge Laboratory, U.K. Spin Hall Effect Transistor: Detection and manipulation of Spin in GaAs 2 DEG.
6 Gen Tatara Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Japan Maxwell's equation and monopoles in spintronics
Nanomaterials & Nanodevices
Name Affiliation Title
1 Chris J B Ford Univ. of Cambridge, U.K. Novel designs for quantum computers using moving quantum dots
2 Takashi Fukui Hokkaido Univ., Japan III-V compound semiconductor nanowires and their electrical and optical applications
3 Rikizo Hatakeyama Tohoku Univ., Japan Encapsulated-Nanocarbon Based Nanodevices
4 Moon-Ho Jo POSTECH, Korea Broadband Photodetection in Si:Ge Nanocrystals
5 Keun-Soo Kim Sejong Univ., Korea CVD Graphene and Related Materials
6 Xiaolin Zheng Stanford Univ., U.S.A. Transfer Printing Methods for Fabricating Electronic Devices on Diverse Substrates
Name Affiliation Title
1 Chih-Wei Chang National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan Artificial metamolecules with unusual symmetries and couplings
2 Harm J. Dorren Technical Univ. of Eindhoven,
The Netherlands
high-speed optical signal processing for communications
3 Harald Giessen Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany Three-dimensional complex plasmonic structures: Chirality, Coupling, and Sensing
4 Beop-Min Kim Korea Univ., Korea Optical coherence tomography - Research Trends & Applications
5 Chil-Min Kim Sogang Univ., Korea Microcavity Laser Generating High Quality Factor Resonance Mode with Unidirectional Emission
6 Namkyoo Park Seoul National Univ., Korea Ultra-high / Ultra-low index Metamaterials in the extraordinary optical transmission applications.
7 Min-Kyo Seo KAIST, Korea Low-power nano-optical vortex trapping via plasmonic diabolo nanoantenna
Organic Electronics and Photonics
Name Affiliation Title
1 Sang Ook Kang Korea Univ., Korea Deep blue organic light emitting devices with high thermal stability and charge mobility
2 Kyungkon Kim KIST, Korea Bulk Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaics - Nano Morphology Control and Interfacial Layers
3 Takhee Lee Seoul National Univ., Korea Molecular transistors and organic memory devices
4 Changhee Lee Seoul National Univ., Korea Light-emitting diodes based on colloidal quantum dots for full color displays
5 Chan Eon Park POSTECH, Korea Organic gate dielectrics for advancing high performance organic field-effect transistors and circuits
Devices & Applications
Name Affiliation Title
1 Jen-Inn Chyi National Central Univ., Taiwan Growth of semipolar GaN and InGaN on (100) Si substrates by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
2 Mark C. Hersam Northwestern Univ., U.S.A. Chemically Functionalized Carbon Nanomaterials
3 Hideki Hirayama RIKEN, Japan Recent Progress of AlGaN-based Deep-UV LEDs
4 Gyu Tae Kim Korea Univ., Korea Electrical Properties of Individual MoS2 Nanosheets
5 Barbaros Ozyilmaz National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore CVD graphene applications; spintronics, stem cells and more
6 Kalarikad Jonah Thomas Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea Interactions in quasi-one-dimensional electron systems
Biophysics & Bioengineering
Name Affiliation Title
1 Jennifer Cha Univ. of California- San Diego, U.S.A. Biologically Driven Processes for Nanoengineering Solid State Materials
2 Borja Ibarra National Center of Biotechnology-CSIC, Spain Using optical tweezers to study DNA replication dynamics at single-molecule level
3 Yan Jie National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore Thermodynamics of DNA overstretching transition and two distinct overstretched DNA structures
4 Harold D. Kim Georgia Institute of Technology, U.S.A. Measurement and manipulation of DNA looping dynamics
5 Jinsang Kim Univ. of Michigan, U.S.A. Functional Conjugated Polymers for Self-signaling and Signal-amplifying Biosensors and Sensor Arrarys
6 Jae-Seung Lee Korea Univ., Korea Synthesis and Isotropic / Anisotropic Reversible Assembly of Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Oxides Materials
Name Affiliation Title
1 U-In Chung SAIT, Korea Applications of Oxide based cross bar structure for memory and logic
2 L. Goux IMEC, Belgium Roles of electrode and oxide materials in the switching operation of RRAM devices
3 JinPyo Hong Hanyang Univ., Korea Binary oxide-based resistive switching for the highly 3D stackable nonvolatile memory applications
4 Tomoji Kawai Konkuk Univ., Korea Nanowired resistive RAM
5 Massimiliano Di Ventra Univ. of California-San Diego, U.S.A. Memory in nanoscale systems: fundamentals and applications
6 Rainer Waser RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany Valence change memories - fundamentals, prospects, and challenges
Korea-France International Forum
Name Affiliation Title
1 Stefan Haacke CNRS- University of Strasbourg, France Ultrafast photo-induced processes in retinal proteins and biomimetic systems
2 Woun Kang Ewha Womans Univ., Korea Field-induced polarization of Dirac valleys in bismuth
3 Christian Meny CNRS- University of Strasbourg, France Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in ferromagnets: Examples of studies of materials for applications in optics and in heterogeneous catalysis
4 Christophe Lefevre CNRS- University of Strasbourg, France Magnetoelectricity in GaxFe2-xO3 thin films? Towards the answer through the reduction of the samples leakage current
5 William Jo Ewha Womans Univ., Korea Search for room-temperature multiferroic materials with significant non-zero order parameters

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