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  • Plenary Speaker
  •   Name Affiliation Title
    1 Yoshinori Tokura Univ. of Tokyo, Japan Emergent magnetoelectric phenomena in correlated materials.
    2 Taekjip Ha Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A. Single molecule nanometry.
    3 Mark Stiles  NIST, U.S.A. Magnetization dynamics induced By spin currents.
    4 Jean-Yves Bigot  CNRS-IPCMS and Univ. of Strasbourg, France Ultrafast magnetism : exploring the magnetic states of matter with femtosecond optical pulses.
    5 Antoine Kahn  Princeton Univ., U.S.A. Doping of organic thin films: physics and applications.
  • Invited Speaker
  • Spintronics
  •   Name Affiliation Title
    1 Junsaku Nitta Tohoku Univ., Japan Spin coherent transport in InGaAs wires and rings.
    2 Sung-Chul Shin KAIST, Korea Universality classes in Barkhausen criticality of 2D ferromagnets.
    3 Sug-Bong Choe Seoul National Univ., Korea Interdimensional universality of magnetic domain wall motion.
    4 Shinji Yuasa AIST, Japan Tunnel magnetoresistance and interface scatterings in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions.
    5 Ronnie R. Jansen MESA + Institute for Nanotechnology, the Netherlands Silicon spintronics at room temperature.
  • Oxides: Interfaces and Multiferroics
  •   Name Affiliation Title
    1 Jochen Mannhart Univ. of Augsburg, Germany Two-dimensional electron liquid State at oxide interfaces.
    2 Takahisa Arima Tohoku Univ., Japan Coupling among magnetic, electrical, and optical properties in CuB2O4.
    3 Jinho Lee Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA Simultaneous r-space and k- space probing of emergent phenomena in oxides and pnictides using STM.
  • Biophysics and Biomaterials
  •   Name Affiliation Title
    1 Eric. C. Greene Columbia Univ., U.S.A. Nanofabricated devices for single molecule imaging of protein-DNA interactions.
    2 Yann. R Chemla UIUC, U.S.A. High-resolution measurement of bacterial motility with optical traps.
    3 Zev Bryant Stanford Univ., U.S.A. Physical mechanisms of biological molecular motors.
    4 Dug Young Kim GIST, Korea Laser based 3D imaging techniques for interactive cell monitoring.
    5 Hakho Lee Harvard Medical School, U.S.A. Magnetic nanoparticle and NMR-based sensor for medical diagnosis.
    6 Young Keun Kim Korea Univ., Korea Multifunctional metallic nanostructures For biomedical applications.
  • Devices: Next-Generation Memories and Solar Cells
  •   Name Affiliation Title
    1 J. Joshua Yang Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, U.S.A. Metal/oxide/metal memristive devices.
    2 Hiroyuki Akinaga AIST, Japan Recent advance and prospects in ReRAM technology.
    3 Chang Jung Kim Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea Current Technologies of Resistance-Change Memory.
    4 Cheol-Seong Hwang Seoul National Univ., Korea Identification and formation mechanism of conducting nano-filaments in TiO2 resistive switching thin film.
    5 Tae-Won Noh Seoul National Univ., Korea Physical mechanisms of ReRAM.
    6 Jeong Young Park KAIST, Korea Probing and Utilizing Hot Electron Flow on Metal-Semiconductor Catalytic Nanodiode.
  • Nano: Nanomaterials and Nanodevices
  •   Name Affiliation Title
    1 Siegmar Roth Korea Univ., Korea Electronic devices based on nanocarbon materials.
    2 Young-Woo Son Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea Electronic properties of graphene under external perturbations.
    3 Byung Hee Hong Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea Toward industrial applications of graphene electrodes.
    4 Seung-Wuk Lee UC Berkeley, U.S.A Making viruses work for us.
    5 Yun Daniel Park Seoul National Univ., Korea Multifunctional high-frequency metallic-CNT nanolaminate nanomechanical resonators.
    6 Katsumi KISHINO Sophia Univ., Japan InGaN-based nanocolumn technology for blue to red emission
    7 Jiwoong Park Cornell Univ., U.S.A. Accurate Carbon Nanostructures.
    8 Hong-Gyu Park Korea Univ., Korea Hybrid single nanowire photonic crystal structures.
    9 Won Il Park Hanyang Univ., Korea Macroscopic use of Si nanowire arrays in transparent, flexible, and uneven electronics.
    10 Dongmok WHANG Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea Metal-free Elementary Semiconductor Nanowires: Synthesis and Device Applications.
    11 Sang Ho Oh POSTECH, Korea Growth and defects dynamics in nano-sized materials studied by transmission electron microscopy
    12 Wooyoung Lee Yonsei Univ., Korea On-Film Formation of Bi Nanowires with Extraordinary Carrier Mobility.
    13 Marc Drillon CNRS-IPCMS and Univ. of Strasbourg, France The quest for nanoscale materials: some challenging issues.
    14 Kwon Park KIAS, Korea Superconducting order parameter of the 5/2 fractional quantum Hall effect: Superconductivity without the Meissner effect
    15 Younjung Jo NHMFL, U.S.A. The influence of composition, grain size and strain state on the intrinsic SC properties of homogeneous Nb3Sn.
  • Photonics
  •   Name Affiliation Title
    1 Hyunseok Jeong Seoul National Univ., Korea Schrödinger cat states of light and quantum control.
    2 Bumki Min KAIST, Korea High-Q surface plasmonic micro/nanocavities.
    3 Youngjoo Chung GIST, Korea Design, Fabrication and Sensor Applications of Photonic Crystal Fibers.
    4 Gun-Sik Park Seoul National Univ., Korea Terahertz electronics?
  • Organic Materials and Devices
  •   Name Affiliation Title
    1 Seongil Im Yonsei Univ., Korea Photon Probe Spectroscopy to Characterize the Charge Traps in Organic and Oxide Thin-Film Transistors.
    2 Chung-Chih Wu National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan Electro-optical properties and applications of organic semiconductors with tunable morhpologies.
    3 Nobuo Ueno Chiba Univ., Japan First principles measurements of hole mobility in organic semiconductors with UPS: Bridging electronic states and electrical property.
    4 Daniel Guillon CNRS-IPCMS and Univ. of Strasbourg, France DENDRITIC SUPERMOLECULES as a TOOL for the SELF-ORGANIZATION of HYBRID MATERIALS.
    5 Jang Hyuk Kwon Kyung Hee University, Korea Ideal Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Device.
    6 Sang-Il Seok KRICT, Korea Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Mesoporous TiO 2.