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ICAMD 2019

The 11th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices ICAMD 2019 December 10~13,
Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea
Organized by
Applied Physics Division, The Korean Physical Society
Sponsored by
Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau

Invited Speakers

2D + vdW Nano
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Daniel ChuaNational University of Singapore, SingaporeTBA
2Su-Hyun GongMoreKorea University, Korea“Chiral photonics using a 2D semiconductor layer”
3Jeongwoon HwangMoreChonnam National University, Korea“ZnO composite nanolayer with mobility edge quantization”
4Deep JariwalaMoreUniversity of Pennsilvania, USA“Heterostructures and hetero-interfaces in the atomically-thin limit”
5Seung-Hoon JhiPohang University of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
6Kibum KangMoreKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Wafer-scale growth and assembly of 2D semiconductors”
7Ki Kang KimMoreDongguk University, Korea“Single-crystal van der Waals heterostructure on wafer scale”
8Sejeong KimMoreUniversity of Technology Sydney, Australia“ Hexagonal Boron Nitride nanophotonics”
9Young Duck KimKyung Hee University, KoreaTBA
10Kaihui LiuPeking University, ChinaTBA
11Kyoung-Duck ParkMoreUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Tip-induced control of quantum light-matter interactions at the nanoscale”
12Zhiwen ShiShanghai Jiao Tong University, ChinaTBA
13Heejun YangMoreSungkyunkwan University, Korea“Self-selective van der Waals heterostructure for terabit-scale memory integration and neuromorphic applications ”
14Hongato YuanNanjing University, ChinaTBA
Nanomaterials / Nanodevices / Nanotools
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Liwei ChenMoreChinese Academy of Sciences, China“Functional Scanning Force Microscopy for Energy Nano Devices”
2Shuming ChenMoreSouthern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China“Quantum dot light-emitting diodes with organic-inorganic hybrid charge transport layer”
3Sangjun JeonMoreChung-Ang University, Korea“Engineering and observation of Majorana zero modes”
4Min-Kyu JooMoreSookmyung Women's University, Korea“Conducting Channel Migration in Multilayer Transistors”
5Suyong JungKorea Research Institute of Standards and Science, KoreaTBA
6Toshihaki KatoMoreTohoku University, Japan“Wafer scale fabrication and optoelectrical applications of suspended graphene nanoribbon arrays”
7Jae-Hwang LeeMoreUniversity of Massachusetts, USA“Extreme mechanics of carbon-based nanomaterials”
8Young-Woo NamMoreGyeongsang National University, Korea“A family of finite-temperature electronic phase transitions in graphene multilayers”
9Jin Young OhMoreKyung Hee University, Korea“Skin-inspired electronic materials : An emerging paradigm”
10Jung Won ParkMoreSeoul National University, Korea“Multi-dimensional liquid phase TEM for studying nanomaterials”
11Jayuakanth RavichandranMoreUniversity of Southern California, USA“Dimensional Control of Light-Matter Interaction in Perovskite Chalcogenides”
12Pramod ReddyUniversity of Michigan, USATBA
13Seon NamgungMoreUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Optoelectronic devices based on 2D materials and metal plasmonics”
14Petra UhlmannMoreLeibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF), Germany“Functional Nanostructured Thin Hybrid Films for Sensing and Energy Applications”
15Haibo ZengNanjing University of Science and Technology, ChinaTBA
16Hua ZhangNanyang Technological University, SingaporeTBA
Organic Electronics and Photonics
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Antonio FacchettiMoreFlextera co. Ltd, USA“Organic and inorganic materials for circuits and photovoltaic technologies”
2Wang Jianpu NanJing Tech University, ChinaTBA
3Do Hwan KimHanyang University, KoreaTBA
4Jin Young KimSeoul National University, KoreaTBA
5Norbert KochMoreHumboldt University, Germany“ Electronic properties of functional interfaces with intrinsic and doped organic semiconductors”
6Chang-Lyoul LeeGwangju Institute of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
7Kyung-Geun LimMoreKorea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea“Vertical Organic Thin Film Transistor with Anodized Permeable Base for Very Low Leakage Current”
8Aditya Mohite Rice University, USATBA
9Cheolmin ParkYonsei University, KoreaTBA
10Soohyung ParkMoreKorea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Influence of substrate on the charge transfer mechanism between MoS2 monolayer and organic p-dopant molecule”
11Yong-Jin Pu MoreRIKEN, Japan“Singlet–Triplet Conversion in Organic LEDs and PVs: Reverse Intersystem Crossing at Highly Excited State, Triplet-Triplet Annihilation, and Single Exciton Fission”
12Jangwon SeoKorea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, KoreaTBA
13Myoung Hoon SongUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
14Seunghyup YooKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
15Cunjiang YuUniversity of Houston, USATBA
16Zijian Zheng MoreThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong“Fiber-enabled wearable energy storage devices”
Oxides and Emerging Materials for Electronics
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Si-Young ChoiPohang University of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
2Woo Seok ChoiMoreSungkyunkwan University, Korea“Room Temperature Ferroelectric Ferromagnet via Oxygen Vacancy Control in SrFeO2.5 Epitaxial Thin Films”
3Ying-Hao Chu MoreNational Chiao Tung University, Taiwan“Van der Waals Oxide Heteroepitaxy for Transparent Soft Technology”
4Roman Engel-Herbert Penn State University, USATBA
5Mitsuru Itoh Tokyo Institute of Technology, JapanTBA
6Haeyong KangMorePusan National University, Korea“Ferroelectric transistors with two-dimensional channel materials”
7James LeBeauMoreMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA“A hopeless mess no more: directly connecting structure and chemistry in relaxor oxides ”
8Daesu LeeMorePohang University of Science and Technology, Korea“Manipulation of oxygen octahedral rotation and ferroelectricity in perovskite oxide heterostructures”
9Min Hyuk ParkPusan National University, KoreaTBA
10Jonghyun SongChungnam National University, KoreaTBA
11Clemens UlrichMoreUniversity of New South Wales, Australia“Multiferroic Thin Films: A comprehensive Neutron Diffraction Study (on the scaling behavior of the spin cycloid in BiFeO3 and the magnetic properties of SrCoO3 thin films)”
12Junling Wang Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeTBA
13Yaojin Wang MoreNanjing University of Science and Technology, China“Theoretical investigation of halide perovskites for solar cell and optoelectronic applications”
14Su-Huai WeiMoreBeijing Computational Science Research Center, China“Theoretical investigation of halide perovskites for solar cell and optoelectronic applications”
15Bohm-Jung YangMoreSeoul National University, Korea“Correlated topological phenomena in pyrochlore iridates”
Energy Materials and Devices (solar, battery, and thermoelectrics)
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Wallace C. H. ChoyThe University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong“New Post-Device Treatment for Healing Defected Perovskites for High Efficiency Solar Cells”
2Nemanja DanilovicMoreLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA“Performance, durability and scale up of integrated photoelectrochemical water splitting devices”
3Ho Won JangMoreSeoul National University, Korea“BiVO4-based Heterojunction Nanostructures for Efficient Water Splitting Cascade Photoanodes”
4Seok Ju KangUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Hierarchical Alignment of Chitin Fiber for Energy Storage and Harvesting Devices”
5Kihwan KimKorea Institute of Energy Research, KoreaTBA
6Hae-Seok LeeKorea University, KoreaTBA
7Esidor NtsoenzokConditions Extr?mes et Mat?riaux : Haute Temp?rature et Irradiation, FranceTBA
8Kimberly A. SeeMoreCalifornia Institute of Technology, USA“Divalent cations in next-generation energy batteries: From solid-state conduction to liquid phase dissolution”
9Wolfram WitteCentre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-W?rttemberg, Germany“Approaches to improve CIGS thin-film solar cells”
10Denis YuMoreCity University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong“Development of stable Si anode for lithium-ion batteries”
Photonics, Plasmonics and Metamaterials
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Ritesh AgarwalMoreUniversity of Pennsylvania, USA“Light Matter Interactions in Layered Materials: from Trivial to Topological Band Structures”
2In Hyung BaekMoreKorea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea“KAERI ultrafast electron diffraction facility for visualizing atomic/molecular motions”
3Wonkeun ChangNanyang Technological University, SingaporeTBA
4Thomas FeurerMoreUniversity of Bern, Switzerland“Nonlinear THz Switching”
5Jeongyong KimMoreSungkyunkwan University, Korea“Manipulating the Exciton Funneling on Monolayer TMDs by Using Variable Strain Substrates”
6Changhyoup LeeMoreKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany“Quantum plasmonic sensing beyond the shot-noise and diffraction limit”
7Hansuek LeeMoreKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Ultra-high-Q resonators and low loss waveguides on a chip: from the near-IR to the mid-IR ”
8Xavier MateosMoreUniversitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain“2-µm waveguide lasers fabricated by fs-Direct-Laser-Writing”
9Kazunari MatsudaKyoto University, JapanTBA
10Han Seb MoonPusan National University, KoreaTBA
11Hong-Gyu ParkMoreKorea University, Korea“Nanophotonic devices using low-dimensional materials”
12Jon A. Schuller"University of California, Santa Barbara", USATBA
13Minah SeoMoreKorea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Terahertz metamaterials application in sensing”
14Qinghai SongMoreHarin Institue of Technology, China“Lead Halide Perovskite based Nanophotonics”
15Jae Woong YoonMoreElectronics and Telecommunications Research Institute , Korea“Non-Hermitian effects in electrical and optical systems”
16Qing ZhangMorePeking University, China“Exciton-Polariton and Lasing in Perovskite Nanostructures”
Spintronics and Magnetic Materials
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Daichi ChibaUniversity of Tokyo, JapanTBA
2Dong-Soo HanMoreKorea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Long-range chiral interlayer exchange coupling in synthetic antiferromagnets”
3Wei HanMorePeking University, China“Spin transport in antiferromagnetic insulators: from magnon to spin superfluidity”
4Chanyong HwangKorea Research Institute of Standards and Science, KoreaTBA
5Duck-Ho KimMoreKyoto University, Japan“Vanishing skyrmion Hall effect at the angular momentum compensation temperature of a ferrimagnet”
6Kab-Jin KimKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
7Kyoung-Whan KimMoreKorea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Counterintuitive motions of magnetic textures in the presence of multiple asymmetries”
8Sanghoon KimMoreUniversity of Ulsan, Korea“Charge-to-Spin conversion in the Non-Centrosymmetric Artificial Superlattice”
9Hyun-Woo LeeMorePohang University of Science and Technology, Korea“Spin and orbital Hall effects from orbital texture”
10Ki-Suk LeeUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
11Ioan Mihai MironUniversité Grenoble Alpes, FranceTBA
12Byong-Guk ParkMoreKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Spin-orbit torque based spin logic devices”
13Anjan SoumyanarayananA*STAR, Singapore“Tailoring the Stability and Dynamics of Topological Spin Textures”
14Peter WadleyMoreThe University of Nottingham, UK“Manipulating antiferromagnets with electrical current”
15Hyunsoo YangMoreNational University of Singapore, Singapore“Spin-orbit technologies: from magnetic memory to terahertz generation”
Medical Physics, Bioelectronics and Biophotonics
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Myung Chul ChoiKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
2Gwangrog LeeMoreGwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Dynamic coordination of two-metal-ions and its consequent chemo-mechanical catalysis by λ-exonuclease”
3Ja Yil LeeMoreUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Damage Search Mechanism of Human NER Protein XPC-Rad23B”
4Jong-Chan LeeMoreDaegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Improving STED super-resolved microscopy by solving background noise problem”
5Sung Sik LeeMoreSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Z?rich (ETH Zurich), Switzerland“Viscoelastic microfluidics: background and application in biology”
6Feng LiuMorePeking University, China“Biomimetic polymer nanopores with ultra-high ionic selectivity and permeability”
7Thuy NgoMoreOregon Health and Science University, USA“Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Detection”
8Sedat NizamogluMoreKoc University, Turkey“Colloidal quantum dot sensitized optoelectronic neural interfaces”
9Dina SchneidmanMoreHebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel“Macromolecular structure and dynamics based on cross-links”
10Dae Ha SeoMoreDaegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Single Molecule Approach for Cell Biology”
11Jejoong YooMorePohang University of Science and Technology, Korea“Bending energy landscape of DNA determines the conformation and stability of DNA minicircles and nucleosomes”
12Ruobing ZhangSuzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, ChinaTBA
Quantum Information and Mesoscopic Devices
  Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1Taeyoung ChoiMoreEwha Womans University, Korea“Scalable Quantum entanglement in trapped ion quantum information processor”
2Jiangfeng Du MoreUniversity of Science and Technology of China, China“Quantum control of spin in diamond and its application”
3Lloyd Hollenberg University of Melbourne, AustraliaTBA
4Sungkun HongMoreKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea“Harnessing Mesoscopic Mechanical Systems for New Quantum Technologies”
5Wister HuangMoreUniversity of New South Wales, Australia“High fidelity spin qubit operations in silicon quantum dots”
6Thomas IhnMoreSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Z?rich (ETH Zurich), Switzerland“Coherent long-distance coupling of an RX-qubit with a transmon qubit”
7Hyunseok JeongSeoul National University, KoreaTBA
8Kihwan KimMoreTsinghua University, China“Scalable global gate on arbitrary ion-qubits”
9Gil-Ho LeeMorePohang University of Science and Technology, Korea“Graphene-based Josephson junction microwave bolometer”
10Sang-Yun LeeKorea Institute of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
11Young-Sik RaKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KoreaTBA
12Aephraim M. SteinbergUniversity of Toronto, CanadaTBA
13Junho SuhMoreKorea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korea“Nanomechanical measurement of quantum interference in a topological insulator nanowire”
14Shigeki TakeuchiKyoto University, JapanTBA
15Joel I-Jan WangMoreMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA“Hybrid superconducting circuits based on van der Waals heterostructures”
16Dohun KimSeoul National University, KoreaTBA
*Speakers list is subject to change and will be updated continuously up to the conference.


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